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Common Sense for Animals

The human-animal bond is the special relationship we have with our pets. These pets may be dogs, cats, horses, ferrets or others. Often, we consider pets part of our family. We have so domesticated them that they cannot return to the wild or live without our protection.


Responsible pet ownership begins with people purchasing, training and keeping the right pet. Neutering is a responsibility just as important as nutrition and proper medical care.


We believe that all animals have the right to be treated with dignity under all circumstances. After all, we eat animals, use them for research, hunt them, use them for entertainment, and often times for companionship. Again, regardless of their use in our society, all animals are to be protected to the full extent of the law. They are entitled to humane care, a clean habitat or environment, and protection from cruelty. We seek to educate others to help them to understand and appreciate the role that animals play in our world and we play in theirs.

Words from our teams and those impacted!